To the disappointed Mass Effect Fan

Mass Effect Andromeda:  A beautiful adventure that fails to evoke the same magic of the original Trilogy 


At GameRational we try to put out content that will challenge you to contemplate the deeper meaning of what makes video games such an incredible art form. We are very excited to start putting out content on a regular basis but for the time being we want to speak directly to the Mass Effect fans out there.

For most Mass Effect fans, the trilogy made a huge impact and gave life to our imagination and redefined what a “futuristic space game” could be. To remember enjoying the first Mass Effect game and exploring an incredibly rich universe brings about bittersweet memories. Yet even though I often found myself lost in the codex, enthralled with the setting and lore back in the college days, I was even more intrigued with the morality system and how much of a difference your dialogue/story choices meant. How your actions were something more than just pressing buttons and more about how everything as a whole created a unique and meaningful RPG experience. 

However when Mass Effect Andromeda came out it was absolutely ripped apart for many glitches and terrible facial animations. Mass Effect Andromeda was, in my opinion, a let down Now do not get me wrong: it was an incredibly fun game to play that had a beautiful art direction with  combat the most impressive of the series to date.

Mass Effect™: Andromeda_20170424114454

However the characters, story pacing, and lack of morality/impact from your decisions really hampered it’s potential and made an unwelcome change to the impact of your decisions that the ME trilogy was known and cherished for (again with the ME3 ending as the exception).

For the most of us who loved the original trilogy  we wanted more of that same level of impact that our choices has previously. What we received was shy of that – Plain & Simple. 

Now before anyone starts feverishly typing away in anger by that statement, please know before GameRational, we create MassEffect.Blog which published the piece:  Mass Effect Andromeda: Why it doesn’t deserve all the hate” and defended Andromeda despite all of the initial backlash. There is no denying fans of the series can have an enjoyable game experience in Andromeda IF they can look past some unappealing aspects. One of which was definitely the ending and final boss fight which was an anti-climatic ending that lacked any sort of originality besides keeping in line with the basic story elements it had going for it. We published a review/critique over at MassEffect.Blog titled: “I defended Mass Effect Andromeda but now …“, which will make more sense if you’ve completed the main story campaign.

Regardless we hope Bioware & EA realize they are upsetting a substantial number of fans who thoroughly enjoyed Andromeda by not releasing any single player DLC.

As for the future of the franchise, things look uncertain but it would be unwise for Bioware & EA to simply ignore the sheer magnitude and passion of the Mass Effect fanbase.

One things for certain, I can only imagine the anticipation if a new installment in the series in unveiled at some point in the future.

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